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Company Profile

Company Profile

China T-max Group Co.,Limited
Cscooter is a professional manufacture of electric scooters and gas scooters,which was founded in 2010 in China hardware capital---Yongkang,Zhejiang provincea.Taking the great advantage of favorable location,Cscooter has rich experience in the material selection , technology developing and quality control. By the beginning of 2015,we successfully passed the ISO 9001 test,obtained the EEC/COC,CE,RoHS quality certificates.

Make the best scooter is always the ultimate goal for Cscooter. At the end of year 2014. We introduced our first HE LASER 3015 laser cutting machine,which will strengthen our OEM & ODM ability among the scooter manufactures. After the developing of 5 years,Cscooter now developing to be a Middle scale scooter manufacture with a planting scale of around 4500 square meters and 50 employees.

According to our latest statistics, our annual production in 2014 is 14000 units.80% scooters are exported to Europe.The other 15% was exported to America,Asia and Oceania etc. In the beginning of 2015,we set a goal of 20000 units annual production,hope we can realize it with the cooperation of clients from all over the world. Looking forward our cooperation in the near coming future!

  • factory
  • Welding workshop
  • Trading department
  • Sample room
  • Assemble line
  • Punch
  • Laser machine working
  • Weding
  • Steering fork
  • Assembling
  • Packing
  • Test finish
  • Package foam
  • Loading



By the end of 2014, Cscooter has had more than 40 customers from 18 different countries, annual production is around 14000 units , 85% scooters are exported Europe and America.Cscooter has established a long-term cooperation relationship with some famous brand, like FORCA, ROLEKTRO,MACH-1,ACTIONBIKES etc.

To improve our OEM, ODM ability , Cscooter spent morethan 1 million to introduce a large HE Laser 3015 Cutting Machine .The laser cutting machine is applied to metal material, cutting thickness 10mm, cutting area 1.5x3M.It will be a great advantage to make any new scooter .

  • Rolektro color box
  • Urbanfox 1800
  • Rolektro eco-fun 20
  • Tank 800W
  • Actionbikes 1000W 36V
  • Actionbikes 36V 1000W
  • Freaky scooter
  • eFlux vision 1000W
  • FORCA rear fork
  • CNC footboard
  • Monobuggy 1500W golf scooter
  • Super scooter
  • MACH-1
  • TANK
  • footboard
  • front fork
  • seat post
  • fork system
  • seatpost
  • suspension system


  • New CE certificate with EMC,MD and LVD directive
  • 500W EEC certificate was issued in 2010 years,model name CHES-A
  • 800W EEC certificate for model CHES-B, including 500W and 800W,chain and belt drive
  • RoHs certificate for CHES-A , published in 2011 years
  • Certificate of Design Patent for model CHES-B with two sets of fork shape
  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate was past in 2012 years
  • CE(ECM)
  • ISO9001
  • RoHS
  • 500W EEC
  • 500W COC
  • 800W EEC
  • 800W COC

Company Progress

2009-12-5, out first 500W electric scooter was born ,named CHES-001.

2010-9-6, our first product certificate CE was issued by SGS.

2010-11-1, a new scooter’s manufacturer, Cscooter was found officially.

2010-11-20, we got first official trial order from abroad- Germany Mach-1 , order quantity 50 units.

2010-12-3, first 500W EEC certificate was published by RDW, EC code e4*2002/24*2571*00, Model CHES-A.

2010-12-20, we got first big order from taiwan customer, order qty 760 units.

2011-8-9, we creat product brand"Cscooter” .

2012-2-27, Cscooter started a long cooperation with Rolektro from Germany.

2012-4-15, Cscooter attended our first fair, 114th Canton Fair on 15-19th of April.

2012-10-4, first 800W EEC certificate was ready for CHES-B , EC code e4*2002/24*2932*00.

2012-11-9, Cscooter past ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System successfully.

2013-3-5, Cscooter established a long-term cooperation with FORCA brand from Germany.

2013-3-6, first Certificate of Design Patent is got , product model CHES-B.

2014-3-1, Cscooter grown to be a professional manufacturer of scooters, covers a building area of 4000 kilometers.

2014-12-29, to improve our OEM, ODM ability , a large HE LASER 3015 cutting machine was introduced.

Cscooter will endeavour to make be better and better in the coming 5 years with you .......

  • 1600W powerboard
  • 36V 1000W scooter
  • 300W scooter
  • 1000W and 300W
  • 1000W powerboard
  • 300W scooter
  • 1000W 36V
  • Company Progress
  • Smart 300W
  • Beast 71cc pertrol scooter
  • 500W EEC scooter
  • 800W EEC scooter
  • 1600W brushless scooter
  • 1500W DirtKing
  • 300W Smart scooter
  • 71cc Beast folding scooter